Global Digital
Health Venture Fund

We invest in bold, smart and passionate teams determined to solve the most difficult problems facing the healthcare industry today. We then actively support them in building sustainable businesses that will generate positive societal impact and outsized returns. We invest in commercial stage companies focused on the enterprise. Such companies have more sustainable and predictable business models than those targeting consumers. This translates to more consistent returns for our investors.

Within the broad sector of digital health, our investment thesis covers multiple areas including cloud-based software services, mobile health apps, Internet of Things applications, virtual and augmented reality, wearable and other technologies at the convergence of digital with diagnostics and therapeutics. In each case, the product or service needs to solve a significant unmet market need and have a dramatic impact on health, healthcare delivery and cost. Such product or service will more easily receive support from regulators, insurers, providers, physicians, and patients. Technologies that can fundamentally transform lives are always in-demand.

We have a deep and unique presence in the US, the market leader in digital health innovation. While our investments are primarily based in the US, one of our goals is to help globalize US innovation through industry partners in Southeast Asia (SEA). This will give our portfolio companies preferential access to a large and fast growing ASEAN market, considered to be the next emerging market for healthcare technologies. In the future, our investment focus will likely include SEA, since we predict that new interesting technologies will inevitably arise locally, driven by changing demographics, epidemiology trends and the need for expanding access to healthcare.